Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Very Busy Week!

What a week it's been! The big auction went well, and everyone seemed happy and festive, which is just lovely! There were fairy lights, and mulled wine, and mince pies and we were right by the big Christmas tree so our little quick sale table was very jolly, plus the company which was perfect (thank you Whirlwind Amy). I spent Friday at home carefully preparing stock and presentation for my big (first ever) craft stall. The stall was yesterday and was a fantastic experience. The weather wasn't so good, and the court yard was more than a little nippy, but I met some lovely, very talented folks, and saw some beautiful things.

Here I am at the beginning of the day, my pretty stall all laid out. I had polka dot and floral bunting decorating the front and my sweet green chair with it's crochet granny blanket on the back. Many thanks to my lovely husband and my (newly blue-haired) sister, who stayed all day and have customer service skills beyond what I could have wished for!
So today is about relaxing (and recovering) and I am going to make some of my ideas for my uni work out of cardboard so I can see how they work before making them in metal. We are also going to put up our Christmas tree, and visit my most avid blog follower, my lovely mother-in-law, in hospital, hopefully they might be letting her go home today which would be fab!

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