Saturday, 12 December 2009

Shopping List Saturday

This week; Fingerless Gloves! This list is inspired by knitting, plans for knitting groups, and my own fingerless gloves, which I have finished, and have worn, and shown everyone, and had everyone try on! There will be a pic soon, but we are currently at the stage where I leave the house in the dark and get home in the dark!
So onto the list...

Petrol and Confetti Mustard Two-toned Fingerless Mittens with Vintage Button by CoquelicotSalon

For more lovely shopping lists head on over to fancypicnic!

Today I am planning a fairly relaxed day, with some breakfast with hubby, charity and fabric shopping and some uni work which currently involves stitch samples, researching and pincushions and some self cover buttons! A lovely day to come indeed!

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