Thursday, 12 November 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space this week is a bit of a weird and wacky mish-mash of all sorts of things...

I'm in full blown making craziness in the run up to the festive season, with a new stockist, an exhibition, an auction and (hopefully) a stall at a huge craft fair. Today I've been doing some boring paperworky stuff, which seems to be a necessary evil at this point, but I've also been making some bangles, and have had a new idea for a line of earrings...

Freshly de-moulded bangles, they need to be sanded and polished, but that is a job for tomorrow at uni
And some big blank pieces which I plan to mess around with tomorrow

and this is my selection of samples that are coloured with herbs and spices, and whilst paprika (top left) was icky, Turmeric (the bright yellow ones) was a triumph!

At uni this week I have been making copper samples of a design that I've been working on, here's a sneaky preview....

And just for good measure and to prove that I am not as organised as I sound, the bangle that's in four pieces...

I am proud to say that I am still managing to find a little time to knit my scarf (having found the illusive fifth ball of wool that I needed after an unfortunate selling-out incident!), and am totally engrossed in the "Twilight" Saga, I'm up to "Eclipse" now, and enjoying it thoroughly! I've taken some advice off a wonderful friend, that part of my work is to look after myself, and I'm finding that making a little time to do things just because I want, to is doing me good. I doubt I'll feel that way in a couple of weeks when all the panic sets in at once...

I am having a little sale in my etsy shop at the mo, I will be listing some new goodies very soon!

So that's me for today, my to do list is getting longer as it gets shorter as usual, but I only have five things left to do for today... until I think of more! Head on over to kootoyoo for more creative loveliness!


  1. Wow very interesting!
    But what did you use to make the bangles??
    What material is that?

  2. Hi Barbara, it's called jesmonite, it's a two part resin, I'm not sure what it's intended function is but it's very versitile and makes lovely bangles!! Thanks xx


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