Monday, 2 November 2009

More Makings and the Tale of Squished Fingers!

This is the second little creature I made today, she doesn't have a name yet...she's been too sleepy to tell me!

The little blue bit on her chest is a heart (it's not awfully clear from the pic!), I love her stripey ears!

Been to Knit and Natter tonight, and I'm pleased to report that my scarf is definitely getting longer! I've used two and a half balls so far and it looks pretty good! I'm also pleased to report that after a silly car door mishap, my fingers are much better! I squished three fingers on my right hand on Saturday night after my sister's birthday shindig (I must be clear that I was utterly sober at the time, which makes it all the worse!), and so yesterday was entirely crafty-making free and I just about managed to finish the bit of my dissertation that I was working on. So pretty glad that they've stopped throbbing now, I'm sure the yummy cherry cake that hubby bought for me helped....

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