Sunday, 15 November 2009

An Exciting Weekend!

I have had a very exciting weekend! On Friday I came home to this;

How fab! I will be attending Flair in Wolverhampton!

My very first craft fair! It will be on December 5th at the Lighthouse in Wolverhampton, and I can't wait!
And, an weekend of firsts -it's official - I have my very first London Stockist! It's so exciting, I've been in contact with Lauren for a little while now, and yesterday I met up with her and took some stock for her lovely shop! Lauren's shop is in the OXO tower on the South Bank, and it's a fabulous colourful little nook!It's absolutely lovely, and I'm so thrilled that my work will be a part of it!
Our London trip was amazing, we arrived at 10am, had a lovely cup of tea in the National Gallery, and saw the Sunflowers which is my most favourite! Then we mooched on down to Dazzle jewellery exhibition. There was lots of exquisite things, some that I was aware of and some new, but all very inspirational! Then we went to see Lauren, and then on to Tate Modern. We had a cup of (extremely sugary) tea in the British Film Institute, nearly got blown into the Thames walking back over the bridge (it was REALLY windy!) and had a quick stop in the Institute of Contemporary art. We walked back up to Covent Garden, had a look in the shops, had a good look around the African section of the British museum, and walked back to the car via Edward and Todd, the pop boutique, ArtBox, and Forbidden Planet! A huge jam-packed day! My purchases included:
Mr Fox Soop ring (number 6!)
and a Hannah Waldron owl mask finger puppet brooch - gorgeous! Also picked up two notebooks, three art books, and a little fabric pouch! We had a really lovely day, and we're looking forward to our big trip after Christmas!

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