Saturday, 3 October 2009

My Busy Week and Exciting Evening!

It's been a very hectic first week at uni, with the official launch of our final year brief, the deadline for the draft of the dissertations, and generally huge amounts of work. I also had a major laptop malfunction which has led to the purchase (by my super sweet hubby) of a new laptop, which has been lovingly nicknamed "Betsy"! Better now than when my dissertation is due, but nonetheless a big inconvenience. The week has, however, been rounded off nicely this evening with the opening of First Editions in Oswestry! There's plenty of lovely things there, and I feel very lucky to be included!

My work displayed alongside some beautiful pieces by Marietta Alker, a very talented lady who ran a superb Nuno Felt workshop that I went to earlier this year. I'm definitely in good company! I also have a bunch of scarves in the window! How exciting!

I picked up some fantastic books this evening, including "Modern Pulp and Paper-making" from the 1952, "The Design and Creation of Jewellery" from the 1970s, and the gorgeous Ladybird "'How to do it': Metalwork" book from 1973, which just absolutely had to come home with me, and will probably take pride of place in my workshop!

I also had a fantastic purchase today from "Rosie and Lola", which is the gorgeous shabby chic shop in Oswestry; a huge bag of fabric (including a bunch of Laura Ashley!) for £5! Fantastic bargain, will be taking pics tomorrow for my uni research, which has taken a distinctly floral route. I also picked up a knitting pattern for mittens, that I probably won't have time to attempt until next winter, but I have it ready for when the time comes.
I'm already pretty much exhausted, but was awake at 4am this morning trying to convince myself that I would benefit more from a couple more hours of sleep than getting up to work then and there. Luckily I actually did manage to get back to sleep and feel ready for a full day of work tomorrow. I think the next few months will be very hard, but rewarding too. I have discovered some gorgeous Cranberry tea though, that I think may well sustain me through some very tough days to come! Small pleasures!

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