Monday, 5 October 2009

Funny old day

Had a weird mixed up kind of day today. Went to uni feeling really positive, had some pretty cool news last night which I'm very excited about (more news when things are set in stone). Then had the most soul destroying group critique, I couldn't explain eloquently what i was working towards and ended up getting sideswiped and feeling pretty low. Had a tutorial which left me feeling much better, but still unsure. That was the low point of the day. The high point is that I've decided to do what I always say I will but never do: follow my own heart and head, do the thing that's best for ME and MY WORK. I'm sticking to my guns, following my ideas through, and if I'm wrong then I've not sold myself (or my ideas) out. I've achieved a lot on my own, my biggest successes have been ones that I've forged for myself, and I have to have self belief. I've also sold some stuff today, my first sale at First Editions, and a commission that I've done for a lady in my knitting group. I really needed that kind of validation and vindication today, and the universe has provided.

Not my usual positive self, but some stuff that I feel better for getting off my chest. Normal services will resume tomorrow.

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