Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Acrylic and Resin!

Had a positive work day, did some engraving on acrylic, which I discovered doesn't look so good, but quickly solved the problem - sandblasting! I've brought home the piece and started working into some sticky back plastic which will mask off the bits to stay shiny and leave the exposed bits to be sandblasted. I will then glue on the white back, which will need a fair bit of time to dry, sandblast on the pattern and drill out the details....
My resin samples from yesterday have set perfectly, one tiny air bubble in one which fortunately is on an edge so it can be sanded out. They're opaque on the sides which is from the mould, but they've set, and aren't sticky which helps! So now I can start to work with them.
I'm armed with my list of stuff to research, and some designs to do so time to carry on!

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