Sunday, 27 September 2009

What I've been making!

Here's what I've been making lately...The Panda pattern is from the fantastic Meet Me at Mike's book by Pip Lincolne, the "Tripod Alien" pattern is from Pepperberry, the pig pattern is from LionBrand and the owlet pattern is from Roman Sock. There are so many lovely, talented people out there who are willing to share patterns with people like me who are still learning. I hope one day I will be able to send some of my own patterns out into the universe!
Having finished all my work last night, I made the crochet hook wrap that I'd been saving this lovely fabric for.

I picked up the fabric from a gorgeous shop that sells second hand furniture, tea sets and general loveliness. There are fantastic tubs with fabric left-overs from refurbishing the furniture, and this piece (which was about a metre long and half a metre wide!) was 50 pence! I have picked up lots of bargains from them, including my workshop chair, and lots of odd crockery (I even picked up two sweet saucers from the "free to a good home" box - woohoo!). I think it's a lovely idea, not only giving a new lease of life to tired stuff, but anything that they are not using also gets sold, it just makes good sense!

So today is just a nice relaxing day, I got up at 8am, and watched a dinosaur documentary (I'm such a geek) on the discovery channel, and had toast and marmite! Next on the agenda is our favourite cafe for tea and cake, and then...who knows!! I'm all set for uni tomorrow, so today is all about having a lovely day!

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