Saturday, 26 September 2009

Some Very Exciting News!!

Well, today is a very exciting day! I've dropped off some stock today at my very first stockist - First Edition in Oswestry! It's a very exciting brand new project, and it's really fantastic to be involved. The official opening of the bookshop and gallery is Saturday 3rd October, and it's already looking fab!

This pic is from the First Edition facebook group, it's really going to be lovely! I've taken some knitted flowers, finger knitted scarves, felt-ball brooches and a selection of Little Houses, some of which are limited editions! I have made a range in selected colours all in one design, and the limited colour and design combinations will not be repeated. Very exciting indeed!

Back to earth this afternoon though, updating my professional practise and dissertation files, adding things to my sketchbook and research book and next is doing a rough outline for my dissertation, as well as possibly doing an expenses rest for the wicked! I am hoping that the work today (while I'm feeling a little more energetic) will mean that I can take tomorrow to make a wrap for my crochet hooks and possibly do some crocheting, generally relax a bit before I start back at uni on Monday! The last four months have disappeared so incredibly fast, it's been lovely to have such a long break but I'm kind of looking forward to getting back into the uni stuff. It's nice to be going back knowing that my business is up and running, that my plan to use my third year of uni as my first year of business is on track. Must keep focus!

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