Saturday, 5 September 2009

Shopping List Saturday

I'm looking for a new tea canister for my workshop, and so I'm looking for inspiration in this weeks list...

Jeannette Jadite Square Tea Canister by jaditekate

70's Tea Canister by yodellayhehoo

Have a cup of tea as you peruse the other lovely lists over at fancypicnic!

Today has been pretty exciting, some very interesting developments, and lots of good stuff to report when the time the meantime, full on making mode kicks in!

Yesterday's shopping trip was extremely productive, picked up 4 1960's knitting patterns for 10p, a sweet tea set (complete with sugar bowl) with mushroom decoration, a kitty ornament, a Bakelite tray, some fab 70's fabric, 2 saucers (free to a good home) and a gorgeous stand that I've been admiring for ages! Sis had a good haul too, she got a beautiful letter holder.

I'm off to get another finger knitted scarf on the go, and possibly some wet felt later. I love to be immersed in work, and feel lucky that I can call something I enjoy so much 'work'!

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  1. Great list! I'm LOVING the Jadite Canister♥


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