Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shopping Heaven

Here's a look-see at what I bought in London....Picked up a couple of old exhibition guides from the Tate, postcards and the guide to the "Walking in My Mind" Exhibition, National Gallery postcards, "Green Wing" series two, and a notebook. I also got a new Soop ring (number 5!)

The Billy Goat! Fab!

I discovered a new funky artist called Hannah Waldron, whose illustrations are just perfect!

I picked up a finger puppet brooch featuring this sweet shark "...which animal will you be today?!"

And I fell in love with this shop ...This is Lauren Shanley's Recycled Art to Wear shop, it's beautiful and inspiring! I bought a brooch and a fabric scrap bowl, which is just lovely, but what was nicest of all was the way my purchases were treated with such care, wrapped up beautifully and packed away carefully in a gorgeous fabric tote bag which I will no doubt be dragging all over the place with me! My favourite part of the shop, which took my breath away was this...

It's just lovely!

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