Wednesday, 2 September 2009

"Panic on The Streets of London"

Well, I'm back from a lovely long bank holiday in London! I had a fantastic time, saw lots of weird and wonderful things, and have been inspired! Here are some of the highlights....

The view from our hotel room (Nelson's Column is in there somewhere, honest!)
Emmeline Pankhurst Statue
Barmy outdoor installation by Yayoi Kusama at the Heyward Gallery on the South Bank, as part of the "Walking In My Mind" exhibition (which also featured Yoshitomo Nara, but no pics allowed....)
The Egypt: Life and Death section, which was unusually quiet, and I had a lovely time mooching around and taking pics
Easter Island statue, and my drawing of it
The Indian Garden outside the British Museumand the architecture award piece.

We also caught the Zombie flash mob in Leicester Square, which was for the screening of "Dawn of the Dead", and witnessed Myleene Klass getting attacked by the (very slow moving) undead!

Hubby took this video for me, unfortunately we didn't manage to get a video of the zombie's creeping up on Myleen the first time, when she nearly died of shock and screamed like a little girl!!

We also went to both Tate Galleries (Gilbert and George artist room at Tate Britain, the 10:10 climate change signup at Tate Modern), the Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery. We also had a good shop, all the usual haunts in Covent Garden: Fopp, Magma, the Pop Boutique, and some new shops that we discovered, including three charity shops we'd never been to before, and a gorgeous shop on the OXO tower wharf - Lauren Shanley's Recycled art shop, which was gorgeous and I could have spent sooo much money there (even more than I did!). She was also interested in my jewellery which was pretty fab, it's definitely a place I would love to sell through. I also did a bit of geeky work stuff, a bit of dissertation research in the CAA, and some project research in the British Museum, as well as lots of designing stuff - I've finished off a sketchbook and my notebook from my bag, so I got to start new books (I love the start of a sketchbook, so exciting once that awkward first white page is conquered!).

So, that's the highlights of my trip, will get pics taken of some of the goodies I bought, lots of lovely stuff!!

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