Thursday, 24 September 2009

My Creative Space

I'm struggling with a cold at the moment, spent most of yesterday in bed, and today I'm pretty much wiped out on the sofa, snuggled up under my favourite quilt. I'm waiting on a visit from my dad and sis, who have very kindly picked up some glue for me in my sickened state, and this afternoon will be spent gluing backs to my house cut outs! I will be delivering some of these lovelies to the gallery on Saturday, so today and tomorrow is all about gluing and packaging everything I've made. I couldn't resist having a play with them though!
Head on over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces, while I snuggle down with some "Futurama"!


  1. Great photo Gemmipops! They look great all rolled out like that.

    Hope you get well soon and that your tummy isn't too sore from laughing at Futurama. That show cracks me up!

  2. Great photo and I loved looking at the process below. Really interesting.


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