Saturday, 12 September 2009

Days out!

It's been a super fun couple of days! Yesterday I went up to Liverpool to see the Colour Chart exhibition at the Tate, it was a really interesting exhibition, and I'm glad I got up there to see it before it finishes. The highlight was finding this though...

I've already picked out the first project that I plan to do...Morris the Sensitive Panda!
After the Tate, I went to some of my favourite shops, and then onto the aquarium at the museum and the New Radicals Exhibition at the Walker art gallery. Busy day indeed!

Today I went up to Wolverhampton so that I could do a book binding workshop with Rachel Marsden, it was mostly kids, but I enjoyed it, and learnt some new stuff!

Plus I got a goody bag! Woohoo!
Afterwards, we went on a charity shop hunt, got some fab ceramics to use for my work! I've also arranged to use the laser cutter, (this time hopefully it'll happen - it's set up now so pending an explosion or something, it's all good!) on Tuesday, and it will, as I had hoped, cut ceramics! Gives me an opportunity to try out some designs I've been working on!

Also got the most fab plastic cups and saucers, they are so amazing! They're marked "Gaydon - Melmex", need to do a bit of research on them! They were cheap too, 50p for the set!

I'm going to make a wrap for my sister now, she starts college on Monday, doing art and design, so I'm doing her a little kit for her first day! Hope she'll like it!

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