Sunday, 6 September 2009

Been Making....

I've started making goodies for my latest project, today has been a wrinkly-handed felt day. I've made a felt ball and cut it in half, and it is currently whizzing around my tumble dryer inside an odd sock. When it's all done it will be a brooch. I've used autumn/winter colours to compliment the fashions coming along at the moment,I'm hoping that they'll be popular!

I've also been making finger knitted scarves. The solid pink one is gorgeous 100% merino wool, and the pink and white one is fab because the thickness of the yarn varies giving it a really lovely uneven, chunky texture. The cream one, and the grey and white one are made of some of my favourite wool at the moment, it makes lovely scarves, and the colours compliment different outfits, very flexible for dressing up or down. Now I'm going to do a bit of crocheting, I've nearly finished the blanket I've been working on for my workshop. It's made up of the leftovers from my patchwork granny square blanket, which I bought a lot of wool for, and had lots of half used balls left, so the stripes are uneven but it looks ace! It shall be unveiled soon, and put in place over my lovely chair. I love finishing things, it feels fantastic!

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  1. Hi was just popping by and was inspired by all your colour. The finger knitting is great. They make really cute necklaces as well! Glad to have found your blog. Look forward to popping in more often :)


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