Sunday, 27 September 2009

What I've been making!

Here's what I've been making lately...The Panda pattern is from the fantastic Meet Me at Mike's book by Pip Lincolne, the "Tripod Alien" pattern is from Pepperberry, the pig pattern is from LionBrand and the owlet pattern is from Roman Sock. There are so many lovely, talented people out there who are willing to share patterns with people like me who are still learning. I hope one day I will be able to send some of my own patterns out into the universe!
Having finished all my work last night, I made the crochet hook wrap that I'd been saving this lovely fabric for.

I picked up the fabric from a gorgeous shop that sells second hand furniture, tea sets and general loveliness. There are fantastic tubs with fabric left-overs from refurbishing the furniture, and this piece (which was about a metre long and half a metre wide!) was 50 pence! I have picked up lots of bargains from them, including my workshop chair, and lots of odd crockery (I even picked up two sweet saucers from the "free to a good home" box - woohoo!). I think it's a lovely idea, not only giving a new lease of life to tired stuff, but anything that they are not using also gets sold, it just makes good sense!

So today is just a nice relaxing day, I got up at 8am, and watched a dinosaur documentary (I'm such a geek) on the discovery channel, and had toast and marmite! Next on the agenda is our favourite cafe for tea and cake, and then...who knows!! I'm all set for uni tomorrow, so today is all about having a lovely day!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Some Very Exciting News!!

Well, today is a very exciting day! I've dropped off some stock today at my very first stockist - First Edition in Oswestry! It's a very exciting brand new project, and it's really fantastic to be involved. The official opening of the bookshop and gallery is Saturday 3rd October, and it's already looking fab!

This pic is from the First Edition facebook group, it's really going to be lovely! I've taken some knitted flowers, finger knitted scarves, felt-ball brooches and a selection of Little Houses, some of which are limited editions! I have made a range in selected colours all in one design, and the limited colour and design combinations will not be repeated. Very exciting indeed!

Back to earth this afternoon though, updating my professional practise and dissertation files, adding things to my sketchbook and research book and next is doing a rough outline for my dissertation, as well as possibly doing an expenses rest for the wicked! I am hoping that the work today (while I'm feeling a little more energetic) will mean that I can take tomorrow to make a wrap for my crochet hooks and possibly do some crocheting, generally relax a bit before I start back at uni on Monday! The last four months have disappeared so incredibly fast, it's been lovely to have such a long break but I'm kind of looking forward to getting back into the uni stuff. It's nice to be going back knowing that my business is up and running, that my plan to use my third year of uni as my first year of business is on track. Must keep focus!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Five Minutes of Fame!

I was in the local paper yesterday! The article is about the mace project, covering the open day we had on Friday, and I'm in the pic! Fame at last!

My Creative Space

I'm struggling with a cold at the moment, spent most of yesterday in bed, and today I'm pretty much wiped out on the sofa, snuggled up under my favourite quilt. I'm waiting on a visit from my dad and sis, who have very kindly picked up some glue for me in my sickened state, and this afternoon will be spent gluing backs to my house cut outs! I will be delivering some of these lovelies to the gallery on Saturday, so today and tomorrow is all about gluing and packaging everything I've made. I couldn't resist having a play with them though!
Head on over to kootoyoo for more creative spaces, while I snuggle down with some "Futurama"!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Laser Cutting Mayhem

Today has been a very busy day! I finally got a go on the laser cutter at hubby's school, and it was fab! Unfortunately it seems that it won't cut ceramics, which puts a huge spanner in my third year plans, which are pretty much entirely based on laser cut ceramics, but it does a pretty good job on plastic! I've made about one hundred cut out houses which will be brooches, in a variety of colours and types of plastic! Here's some of the fun...

The laser's huuuge!

The first test, just a little hole!And a little more exciting - the first house!

The first house, in comparison to a hand-cut, finished piece.

In action! (not a great pic...)

Pink houses!

Piles of little houses and the left over windows and doors!

All packed up!

And the left overs, which I have brought home to play with!

I'm going to be putting a selection of houses onto etsy, as well as a bunch into a lovely gallery that I am going to be exhibiting in! It's a very exciting time for me as I start to establish my little business, I'm hoping that by this time next year it will be blossoming! I have found a little bit of time for myself in the last week though, between making things for the gallery and working on the mace project at uni, and spent a while making some lovely crochet creatures! I'll try to get some decent pics when it's light tomorrow (the nights are certainly getting longer as Autumn starts to take hold), but I've had a lovely time just practising and making sweet things just for me!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

My Creative Space

Started making Morris the Sensitive Panda today, spent the morning with some of my most loveliest friends - Amy, Kim and Ruth, and we all sat around the table making pretty things. Forgot to get a pic, but here's the panda progress....This afternoon was spent making the workshop at uni look all pretty for our mace open day tomorrow, and got to catch up with my other lovely friend Kat, who is usually part of our crafty group. It's been lovely to see everyone, we've all been off for so long!
Didn't end up getting a go on the laser cutter this week, hubby's school had inspection so everyone was stressed and busy! Hopefully next week, I've got a huge load of stuff that I want to have a go at making!
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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Fabric Wrap

This is the wrap I made for my sister yesterday (late into the night...). I put in some wax crayons, paint brushes, glue, a pen and a pencil for her first day of college. She's amazing and I'm so very proud of her.

I took over the wrap for her today, and she was thrilled. I hope she likes it and that it will be useful to her in her studies!

I've been making yet another blanket today, it's super-dooper chunky wool (I can't remember what it is at the moment but I'll have a look at the label!), just got to go around the outside now.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Days out!

It's been a super fun couple of days! Yesterday I went up to Liverpool to see the Colour Chart exhibition at the Tate, it was a really interesting exhibition, and I'm glad I got up there to see it before it finishes. The highlight was finding this though...

I've already picked out the first project that I plan to do...Morris the Sensitive Panda!
After the Tate, I went to some of my favourite shops, and then onto the aquarium at the museum and the New Radicals Exhibition at the Walker art gallery. Busy day indeed!

Today I went up to Wolverhampton so that I could do a book binding workshop with Rachel Marsden, it was mostly kids, but I enjoyed it, and learnt some new stuff!

Plus I got a goody bag! Woohoo!
Afterwards, we went on a charity shop hunt, got some fab ceramics to use for my work! I've also arranged to use the laser cutter, (this time hopefully it'll happen - it's set up now so pending an explosion or something, it's all good!) on Tuesday, and it will, as I had hoped, cut ceramics! Gives me an opportunity to try out some designs I've been working on!

Also got the most fab plastic cups and saucers, they are so amazing! They're marked "Gaydon - Melmex", need to do a bit of research on them! They were cheap too, 50p for the set!

I'm going to make a wrap for my sister now, she starts college on Monday, doing art and design, so I'm doing her a little kit for her first day! Hope she'll like it!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

My Creative Space

This week's space is my sofa! I'm having a lovely quiet day at home working on my sister's Christmas Flamingo from The Knitted Odd Bod Bunch book by Donna Wilson, which I intend to work my way through over time! I've been slightly stunted by the words "knit 194 rounds", but have worked my way from 20 rounds to 70 rounds (so far) today, with the help of "Kirsty's Homemade Home" for inspiration. Also done a teeny bit of uni work...not too much though!
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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What I've been up to....

It's been a very busy couple of days over here! I've been busy with my workshop, trying to make it homely, starting with this throw for my chair, made up of odd wool that I wanted to finish.
The workshop is taking shape now, I'm starting to make it my own, and have been out there in the dark on more than one occasion making it pretty!

I really enjoyed the enamelling course yesterday, I need to polish up the silver, but I thought that the results were pretty good.

The tutor was Rachel Gogerly, she is amazing with enamels, and very patient!! Her work is included in the exhibition that is on in the gallery at the moment, and it is spectacular!

I had fun in the shop too, got some very pretty things...Ceramic Brooch


And little lavender owl! Prettiness! I'm going to do some uni work this morning, have some designs to get into my sketchbook, and I plan to be entertained by "The Big Bang Theory" as I do it !

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Had a lovely day at an enamelling course at the Bilston Craft gallery in Wolverhampton. I made two pendants, although we didn't do any silver work, just the enamelling. It was very process and technique based, no design stuff so that we could just focus on the enamel. It was really fab - here's a pic of one of my two pieces, more pics tomorrow, but I'm sleepy now.
This is amber enamel. It looks like marmalade. I also had some fun in the shop....

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Been Making....

I've started making goodies for my latest project, today has been a wrinkly-handed felt day. I've made a felt ball and cut it in half, and it is currently whizzing around my tumble dryer inside an odd sock. When it's all done it will be a brooch. I've used autumn/winter colours to compliment the fashions coming along at the moment,I'm hoping that they'll be popular!

I've also been making finger knitted scarves. The solid pink one is gorgeous 100% merino wool, and the pink and white one is fab because the thickness of the yarn varies giving it a really lovely uneven, chunky texture. The cream one, and the grey and white one are made of some of my favourite wool at the moment, it makes lovely scarves, and the colours compliment different outfits, very flexible for dressing up or down. Now I'm going to do a bit of crocheting, I've nearly finished the blanket I've been working on for my workshop. It's made up of the leftovers from my patchwork granny square blanket, which I bought a lot of wool for, and had lots of half used balls left, so the stripes are uneven but it looks ace! It shall be unveiled soon, and put in place over my lovely chair. I love finishing things, it feels fantastic!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Shopping List Saturday

I'm looking for a new tea canister for my workshop, and so I'm looking for inspiration in this weeks list...

Jeannette Jadite Square Tea Canister by jaditekate

70's Tea Canister by yodellayhehoo

Have a cup of tea as you peruse the other lovely lists over at fancypicnic!

Today has been pretty exciting, some very interesting developments, and lots of good stuff to report when the time the meantime, full on making mode kicks in!

Yesterday's shopping trip was extremely productive, picked up 4 1960's knitting patterns for 10p, a sweet tea set (complete with sugar bowl) with mushroom decoration, a kitty ornament, a Bakelite tray, some fab 70's fabric, 2 saucers (free to a good home) and a gorgeous stand that I've been admiring for ages! Sis had a good haul too, she got a beautiful letter holder.

I'm off to get another finger knitted scarf on the go, and possibly some wet felt later. I love to be immersed in work, and feel lucky that I can call something I enjoy so much 'work'!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

My Creative Space

This week's space is from somewhere new - my hubby's classroom! I went into school to put up some window displays for him, they're shop window mock-ups to help him teach marketing and so on. Had so much fun, just chilling out, listening to Radio 6 and remembering some of the principles of window dressing from my days as a shopgirl.

When I was done I set up camp at his desk to do a bit of uni work, just more cutting and sticking, one of my most favourite things about the art student thing!

Had an interesting offer today from a shop wanting to stock my goodies, not gonna say too much yet, but sounds good so far!

I'm off to get into some crocheting now, since I've not done any for more than a week (shocking!), tomorrow I'm hitting the charity shops with my sister who is newly converted to the wonders of second hand! I'm also going to iron some carrier bags, which may well be my new obsession!

Pop on over to kootoyoo for my creative spaces.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Shopping Heaven

Here's a look-see at what I bought in London....Picked up a couple of old exhibition guides from the Tate, postcards and the guide to the "Walking in My Mind" Exhibition, National Gallery postcards, "Green Wing" series two, and a notebook. I also got a new Soop ring (number 5!)

The Billy Goat! Fab!

I discovered a new funky artist called Hannah Waldron, whose illustrations are just perfect!

I picked up a finger puppet brooch featuring this sweet shark "...which animal will you be today?!"

And I fell in love with this shop ...This is Lauren Shanley's Recycled Art to Wear shop, it's beautiful and inspiring! I bought a brooch and a fabric scrap bowl, which is just lovely, but what was nicest of all was the way my purchases were treated with such care, wrapped up beautifully and packed away carefully in a gorgeous fabric tote bag which I will no doubt be dragging all over the place with me! My favourite part of the shop, which took my breath away was this...

It's just lovely!