Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Fabric Wraps and New Shoes

I've been a busy bee today, I've been making wraps for my new files, and a little bag with five pockets. I've also signed up for an enamelling course in Wolverhampton in two weeks, sounds exciting. I've had a go at it in uni, but only little samples, so it'll be nice to have a whole day to learn a bunch of stuff!

My workshop has had its first visitor tonight; my sister! She likes it, because it's pink!

I bought new shoes yesterday...they're so cute!

They're from the kids section, but I love them!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to use a laser cutter, I'm going to try to make a bunch of my Little Houses, so I'm going to load up the car with acrylic, in all different colours. I have two designs, so I'm going to make a couple of each to see how they look, and if they look good I'm going to make some for my shop.

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