Sunday, 2 August 2009

My Little Pony and my Wonderful Gran

Had a fab little Car Booty haul today - FIVE vintage My Little Pony!! Woohoo!

Today's ponies; (L-R back row) Wind Drifter, flat foot Cotton Candy, Crunch Berry in "Ready for Rainbows" Cape, (L-R front row) Baby Lollipop and Baby Cuddles
I have been an avid MLP collector for about 3 years now, it was a passion rekindled by my parents moving house and finding about nine ponies from when I was little (I'm still little now, I mean young!) in their attic. From then on I have been collecting them from charity shops, markets and car boot sales, and to a lesser extent, eBay. My most favourite are Peachy and Bouquet (my Gran bought them for me, I forget where from, probably a car boot sale), and SkyLark who was my first ever pony (I vaguely remember picking her out in Woolworths with my mum). I currently have 131 different ponies in my collection, plus a couple of duplicates that I can't bring myself to get rid of.

I think I get my thrifty streak from my Gran, who was a huge inspiration to me. I remember that she would go to a car boot sale and come home with lots of little toys, and she would sit at the kitchen table with seven little see-through plastic bags and split the things between me, my sister and our five cousins. She called us "the Magnificent Seven". She was wonderful and kind and I miss her very much.

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