Sunday, 16 August 2009


I've been a very busy bee! So far I've made four scarves and fifteen button badges for the stall that I'm hopefully going to be doing with my friends from uni.

The scarves are cream, orange and yellow, purple and blue fluffy, and purple, brown and orange. I've used all the wool that I picked up yesterday, and have pulled a load of chunky wool from my stash to make more. I'm also planning to make magnets, some with button badge style fronts and some with vintage buttons! I'm hoping to make a fair amount of stock over the next few weeks so I have plenty for the stall but also for my etsy shop. I'm trying to make enough so that I don't have to worry too much about it in my third year.

I picked up a copy of "YourHome" magazine yesterday, and this caught my eye!

The bedspread is white and purple granny squares and it's lovely!! It's a really pretty article, the house is covered in beautiful crochet fabulousness, and shabby chic girliness!

My newest blanket is coming along well, it's very snuggly!

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