Saturday, 29 August 2009

Helping artists...

Yesterday I assisted with a painting workshop in beautiful surroundings in deepest North Wales. I had a really lovely day!

I can see why this place would be so inspiring to artists, it is beautiful, and the weather was so changeable that it was a great challenge for the people on the course to capture the feeling of the place. I was handing out water, paint and brushes, missing out on the artistic element altogether! I did, however, get to have a wander around the studio and workshop of Andrew (who was running the course but is also the super-duper silversmith who is leading the mace project at uni), and it was fantastic! Not quite as pretty as my pink workshop, but with lots and lots of useful looking tools and so on. The view that the budding artists painted was actually the view from Andrew's garden!! It's a lovely quiet place, I can't imagine a better place to be inspired!

Back later with my shopping list for this week.

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