Monday, 17 August 2009

Big Plans!

My workshop is coming along well, and I should be ready to paint the walls soon!
I've chosen these colours...
Mint Crisp

and Sugar Sweet!

I'm hoping to create a cosy nook where I can work and be inspired, somewhere functional but also keeping my own quirky tastes so it can feel very 'me'! I picked up a gorgeous chair this morning from a very sweet second hand shop in town...

The colour is perfect and it's good and sturdy for my workshop, I plan to use it at my workbench for doing hot work. I'm thinking of making a crochet blanket to throw over it, and a nice cushion, so that I can be comfortable while I'm working! I have so many ideas, I think I'm going to take the doors off the cupboard that's on the wall so that it's all open and I can put jars of buttons and brooch backs where I can see them. I already have a fridge in there, and I'm going to get a kettle so I can have cups of tea whenever I want. Also there's going to be tools and machines and stuff....I'm focusing a bit too much on how it's going to look and not enough on what it's going to do!! So, I'm off to do a bit of cleaning in there now, and then tonight is Knit and Natter. I'll be at uni working on the mace for two days this week, so painting my workshop will have to wait until Friday, I can't wait - I'm so excited!

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