Saturday, 29 August 2009

Helping artists...

Yesterday I assisted with a painting workshop in beautiful surroundings in deepest North Wales. I had a really lovely day!

I can see why this place would be so inspiring to artists, it is beautiful, and the weather was so changeable that it was a great challenge for the people on the course to capture the feeling of the place. I was handing out water, paint and brushes, missing out on the artistic element altogether! I did, however, get to have a wander around the studio and workshop of Andrew (who was running the course but is also the super-duper silversmith who is leading the mace project at uni), and it was fantastic! Not quite as pretty as my pink workshop, but with lots and lots of useful looking tools and so on. The view that the budding artists painted was actually the view from Andrew's garden!! It's a lovely quiet place, I can't imagine a better place to be inspired!

Back later with my shopping list for this week.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

New Fabric Wraps and New Shoes

I've been a busy bee today, I've been making wraps for my new files, and a little bag with five pockets. I've also signed up for an enamelling course in Wolverhampton in two weeks, sounds exciting. I've had a go at it in uni, but only little samples, so it'll be nice to have a whole day to learn a bunch of stuff!

My workshop has had its first visitor tonight; my sister! She likes it, because it's pink!

I bought new shoes yesterday...they're so cute!

They're from the kids section, but I love them!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to use a laser cutter, I'm going to try to make a bunch of my Little Houses, so I'm going to load up the car with acrylic, in all different colours. I have two designs, so I'm going to make a couple of each to see how they look, and if they look good I'm going to make some for my shop.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Dressmaking Made Easy...

When we went on our little seaside adventure earlier this month, I found a copy of "WomanCraft" Magazine from December 1975 in a charity shop, and I just loved this article "Dressmaking Made Easy". It's just lovely!

Went to Knit and Natter tonight, and lovely Linda of Dances For Pies gave me these super fab Blythe badges, and gorgeous vintage fabric! Going to have to find a perfect project for it!

Another Little Workshop Update... a bunch of tools yesterday, including a band saw and grinder, and fixed everything in place. Stayed up late last night doing some odd jobs, and putting some of my stuff away, and started a crochet throw to go over my chair.
It's really exciting, looking forward to getting my soldering torch next!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Shopping List Sunday

Well, feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep, here I am with my shopping list...this week is inspired by all the gorgeous vintage ceramic lovliness which is starting to adorn my workshop.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

My New Workshop!!

I've been working hard on my new workshop; tidying, cleaning and painting! Here's a bit of a then and now comparison....

It's getting there now, slowly! Going to get some tools and stuff tomorrow, and assemble my drill and bench. It's all very exciting, but I'm so tired from all the work that I think I'll only start to appreciate how fab it is when I get a good night's sleep. Shopping List will be along tomorrow too!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

My Creative Space

This weeks space is from uni, working on the mace project. It's going really well, and I've learnt lots about finishing silver today, but I did spend a huge amount of time sanding which is not the most fun (or clean) of jobs!

These are all the pieces so far, it's coming along pretty well, I'm not in again for three weeks, so I'm sure I'll see lots of difference between now and then. The black tubing is for the body of the mace, it's carbon fibre, and really light, but it has a weird ribbing around the entire length which I've been sanding off. It was a very messy job!

I spent lots of time sanding this silver section (it's a collar piece), and then polished it up all shiny and nice.

I love silver!

So, that's what my day looked like! Pop on over to kootoyoo for more spaces and to show off your own! Tomorrow is the big painting day in my soon!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Treasure Hunting!

The trip around the charity shops proved fruitful today, found some lovely stuff for my workshop...
The jars will go in the cupboards, not sure what will be stored in them yet, but they're pretty tall so I'm sure they'll come in handy. The teeny bowl is going to be for water to quench metal work, and the cake stand is to display some of my work on. A good day of treasure hunting!
Did a couple of doodles of my ideas today, just thoughts about where I'm going to put things. This is my little book that I carry around with me, it's full of uni work, jewellery ideas, knitting patterns and to do lists. Also picked up my paint! I did go for the mint crisp and sugar sweet, they seem to go well together. I'm excited about getting it all sorted out!
We went to see "Coco before Chanel" and it was lovely! Had a really fab day, tomorrow is mace again, so that should be interesting too. Hopefully I'll have regained my soldering skills!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mad Science and Shopping

I went to uni today and learnt to anodise aluminium! It looked like a mad science laboratory, with crazy looking equipment, and wires, and pots of steaming liquids!

Had a great time, learnt lots of new things, but had major embarrassment when I couldn't solder! I think I'm a bit rusty from such a long break, but I just couldn't make the solder run! I also managed to gouge a chunk out of my finger on a sharp piece of silver... hopeless!

Nonetheless, it was a good day, and after we finished I popped over to the interiors shop and picked up these;

They're both for my workshop, the milk jug is for my milk (obviously!) and the jar is for buttons to go into my open-fronted cupboard. It's a little too dark to get a good pic, but they really are lovely. Tomorrow I'm off to mooch around the charity shops in search of goodies to make my workshop pretty, and going to see "Coco Before Chanel", I'm really looking forward to it!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Some of the Pretty Things in my Garden

So, while I was clearing out my workshop-to-be, I saw some very pretty flying creatures!
I love the summer-time!

Big Plans!

My workshop is coming along well, and I should be ready to paint the walls soon!
I've chosen these colours...
Mint Crisp

and Sugar Sweet!

I'm hoping to create a cosy nook where I can work and be inspired, somewhere functional but also keeping my own quirky tastes so it can feel very 'me'! I picked up a gorgeous chair this morning from a very sweet second hand shop in town...

The colour is perfect and it's good and sturdy for my workshop, I plan to use it at my workbench for doing hot work. I'm thinking of making a crochet blanket to throw over it, and a nice cushion, so that I can be comfortable while I'm working! I have so many ideas, I think I'm going to take the doors off the cupboard that's on the wall so that it's all open and I can put jars of buttons and brooch backs where I can see them. I already have a fridge in there, and I'm going to get a kettle so I can have cups of tea whenever I want. Also there's going to be tools and machines and stuff....I'm focusing a bit too much on how it's going to look and not enough on what it's going to do!! So, I'm off to do a bit of cleaning in there now, and then tonight is Knit and Natter. I'll be at uni working on the mace for two days this week, so painting my workshop will have to wait until Friday, I can't wait - I'm so excited!

Sunday, 16 August 2009


I've been a very busy bee! So far I've made four scarves and fifteen button badges for the stall that I'm hopefully going to be doing with my friends from uni.

The scarves are cream, orange and yellow, purple and blue fluffy, and purple, brown and orange. I've used all the wool that I picked up yesterday, and have pulled a load of chunky wool from my stash to make more. I'm also planning to make magnets, some with button badge style fronts and some with vintage buttons! I'm hoping to make a fair amount of stock over the next few weeks so I have plenty for the stall but also for my etsy shop. I'm trying to make enough so that I don't have to worry too much about it in my third year.

I picked up a copy of "YourHome" magazine yesterday, and this caught my eye!

The bedspread is white and purple granny squares and it's lovely!! It's a really pretty article, the house is covered in beautiful crochet fabulousness, and shabby chic girliness!

My newest blanket is coming along well, it's very snuggly!