Monday, 13 July 2009

Silver-smithing + knitting + books=Fab day!

Had another super day of silver-smithing, today I did stick soldering for the first time, as well as texturing and cleaning the silver... Here's some pics of me doing some texturing - check out the amazing hammer - it has teeth! Also, the fact that I'm standing on a wooden pallet because I'm so short (it has been affectionately nicknamed "the Stage"!).

I have another day tomorrow, looking forward to trying out a bit more of this fancy new soldering technique! Had a lovely time at Knit and Natter tonight, working on my Flamingo! Bought some books in the library sale too, including Katrin Cargill's "Curtain Bible" which has some gorgeous photographs!

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  1. Hey Missus,
    just had a look at the flower - yes, I admit, you were right, that wool looks very fetching as a flower, and I have to say that the self cover button idea is also a winner.
    Sorry I missed K and N, Dave's away and unlike the valiant Linda I just couldn't face bringing Monty, he always wants to go in the castle and I just can't ask everyone else to decamp to there unfortunately. Maybe catch up next week
    L x


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