Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Silver-smithing day!

Been working hard today with lots of very expensive silver...not my own unfortunately, but lovely to work with anyway! This is for the university Mace, which our department has been commissioned to make. I had some one-to-one tutor time with the project leader, who is the most amazing freelance silver-smith, which was very interesting and useful. I'm really enjoying being part of the project, I spent lots of time adding texture to the surfaces today, essentially hitting the silver again and again (with the most fantastic textured hammers...geeky hammer worship!)
The original cut-out sheet silver for the end-boss...
with a textured surface...
and the shaped around formers so each section is uniform!

The middle boss sections, already textured and shaped.

And, just for cutie value, and because I found this picture when I was uploading my other pics...

my super gorgeous kitty babies, Brian and Norman! Believe it or not, these two handsome chappies are actually brothers, despite looking quite so different! We also have a girly kitty called Honey, she's just the sweetest, and she loves to be the boss of the boys when we go out!

Been knitting loads lately, including cupcakes and doughnuts, flowers (which will be in my etsy shoppe very soon) and I've started the "knitted odd-bod bunch" flamingo for my sister. I'm in a bit of a knitty frenzy lately, I think the crochet squares wore me out!


  1. Wow, what excellent fun! That makes me so want to do the course, now, now - textured hammers, oooh.
    Unfortunately the repair was a nightmare, managed the setting but fault in shell meant it cracked pretty much as soon as I started. Forgot I had a borrowed rolling mill upstairs that I could have made the strip I have much lighter- duh. Glued shell with apoxy and carried on but crack plainly visible, another £5 of silver down the drain as I can't charge him now, darn it, gotta go and fess up now too, gulp. Dave right - repairs more trouble than they are worth. Formulating ways to solder chain for Noi at the bead shop, will do that tomoorow morn hopefully, including complicated foil and playdough plans for heat sinks... Did make some truly nasty kitch bunting for the workhouse festival though, silver lame and english country garden - mmmm satisfying... xx

  2. Wow! I love your silver creations! Having just gotten a flavour for smithing myself, I know how much fun you would have had! Can't wait to see your knitted creations! Love the sound of the flamingo!!


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