Thursday, 2 July 2009

My Creative Space

Today I have been trying to hide from the heat (I'm not complaining but it's just sooooo hot), so I've been sat at my sewing machine for a while making this knitting needle bag. I have one that I made a couple of months ago but that had individual compartments to put lots of needles in, whereas this is more of a carry aroundable pouch for a couple of pairs and the knitting that I'm in the middle of. I'm in a bit of a gingham phase at the moment, I love the sewing and crochet hook wrap that I made over Easter, and use it most days! At the moment I'm still working on my knitted SackBoy, I've done the head and body so I'm getting on ok. Not looking forward to the little fingers though!
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This week has been a bit crazy, had to have an emergency dental appointment on Monday because I'd been having awful pain since Saturday. I was very glad to get it fixed. I went to Wolverhampton on Tuesday with my sister, we had a look around the shops and the gallery and then went to see "Cherry Blossoms" which is a German film, which mostly takes place in Japan. It was lovely, but there was a bit of nakedyness in the middle which seemed a little excessive, it was a little more graphic than was necessary!!
I'm having such a lovely summer, I've enjoyed having so much time to make things, read, watch films and visit new places! I'm also having a great time walking around my garden, picking raspberries, and yesterday we had our very first cherries!

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  1. Hey Lady,
    good to see ya earlier, remembered a good one for you - google Felieke van der Leest, very interesting and fairly potty, have a look. Thanks for your help earlier, just about to attempt a repair now...


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