Wednesday, 22 July 2009

My Busy Day!

Had a super fab day today, been to Wolverhampton, and went to see "Last Chance Harvey", which was a very sweet film. We stopped at a lovely cafe in Tettenhall, called Relish, and it's just the nicest little nook! I took a sneaky pic, just because it's so gorgeous that I want to live there!
This evening I've been working on some stuff for the shabby chic thing I'm working on, been looking at blue and white willow print for some inspiration. I will be smashing this plate soon, but for good reason....
I'm still pulling pics out of magazines and sticking into my inspiration book, and from there will be getting ideas for things to research for my contextual file (the book with birds). I've started my new sketchbook, and am putting down some of my first design I'm basically at three different stages all at once because I just can't stop my brain from whirring around! We start work on my workshop tomorrow, I have plans to paint the walls all kinds of lovely colours, to inspire me and make the space feel like my own (it's a laundry room at the moment - not hugely inspiring!).

I'm still knitting flowers too, here's the one I made last week being worn by my ever helpful sister! I have put it onto etsy, and tomorrow I will be listing a flower made from the same colour wool but with a bigger centre button, and a blue version with a floral centre.

So, that's what I've been up to! Tomorrow, I am going to look at tools and various machinery for my workshop with my dad, I'm mostly going to look at prices to get an idea of how much it will cost to get everything I need... I'm hoping it will not be too scary! But, back to work for now!

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  1. Waw! I love the flower you crafty devil! plus, we have matching crockery!


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