Saturday, 6 June 2009

Shopping List Saturday

Today is my favourite kind of day, it's all rainy which is the perfect kind of day for drinking tea, crocheting and watching the world go by!
My shopping list this week is inspired by rainy days!

Rainy Day Felt Pin by maiseyhandmade

Rainy Day by amaricemills

Rainy Day Umbrella, Red on White - Glass Pendant by raincloudstudio

Umbrella Weather (a rainy day) by lorihutchinson

Have a look at Fancy Picnic for more shopping lists!

As for today's actual shopping, I treated myself to this lovely bag by Doll Face! It's lovely and big so I can carry around crochet goodness and a book, as well as the usual stuff I drag around with me! It's so pretty!

I finished "The Handmaid's Tale" late last night/early this morning. Couldn't put it down! I'm onto "Cheri" by Colette now, inspired by seeing the film. Hope it's good!

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  1. lovely choices, especially the limited edition!
    I'm adding you to the linklist on my blog any minute now. Thanks for playing along...


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