Thursday, 4 June 2009

My Creative Space

Not very exciting this week, just today's granny squares (I'm up to 143!), and a bit more work on my book of inspiration. Been very busy this week turning my spare room into a studio space, been busy sorting and tidying! Lots of bags for the local charities and a general feeling of liberation at thinning out my stuff. So next week will hopefully have a lovely, tidy and useful creative space to show off!

Went to Wolverhampton yesterday: charity shops, art gallery, cups of tea, and a film at the Lighthouse. Went to see "Cheri", wasn't sure what to expect but was impressed, it's a very pretty film. Bought some wool, fabric and buttons, my usual faves!

For more creative spaces pop on over to kootoyoo!


  1. I have a lot of inspiration books as well!
    I started almost 20 years ago and I love them!

  2. Granny squares are always exciting...especially yours - perfectly neat & perfectly square.

  3. Love the inspiration book!

  4. 143 squares. i am in awe and i love the colours in the squares in your pic.

  5. Wow 143 squares! I'm not even past 50...:(
    x nadine

  6. Love all your buys and the granny square is gorgeous. 143 is amazing!


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