Monday, 15 June 2009

My Lovely Day!

Had the most fantastic day today! Woke up to find that my granny blanket had been featured by Pip on the amazing Meet Me At Mikes blog! It's the second time that Pip has shown off my squares, I'm so thrilled, and touched by all the lovely comments. I hope that I've inspired someone to have a go, it really is the most fun!! My second bit of excitement was an email from Tiffany Parbs, who is an excellent conceptual jeweller (for want of a better definition). She has very kindly completed a questionnaire for my dissertation research, which is excellent because I need jeweller input to actually do my dissertation!
The day kept getting better with a visit from my fabulous sister, who has just today learnt to crochet! Here's a pic of her efforts so far....
Isn't that just fab?! We had a lovely time, drinking tea, crocheting and having a chat. I'm so blessed to have a sister who is my best friend.

This is my new project so far, I started it yesterday, almost as soon as my blanket was done! It's going to be draped over my sweet wicker chair in my bedroom. I spent some time working on it at knit and natter this evening. I'm really loving knit and natter, I enjoy being in the company of such wonderfully talented crafty people! It's just lovely.

When I got in this evening I had another dissertation response, not a questionnaire this time, but an email from the very talented Naomi Filmer. Naomi's work has basically been the inspiration for my dissertation, so the fact that she's been in touch is a big relief, since my hypothesis is based on her ice jewellery and it's inclusion in the Jerwood prize in 2006. She's going to send her replies by the end of the week, so I can rest easy now, and begin to think about what to write!

Right now I'm sat with my lovely husband, the perfect end to a brilliant day!

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