Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Creative Space

I have taken a chance today to have a look at all my crochet squares. I'm up to 123 now, and have decided that I'm going to do an extra 20 on top of my original plan for 140 just to make it extra snuggly!

My assessment was pretty good, got some very helpful feedback, and some compliments (which are always quite welcome!) and feel happy with what I've made this year. Today has been all about getting the third year students all ready for their final show, painting plinths and walls and generally doing lots of little jobs! There's lots of inspiring work about to be put on display, it will be an interesting show.

So, off to relax with at least another couple of granny squares, and quite possibly a cup of tea! Check out kootoyoo for cheery and inspirational creative spaces!


  1. Blimey, You will be qualifying as a granny soon, just with the sheer volume of squares you've made. They look so satisfying all stacked up, it's gonna be heaven to sew them together.
    Thanks for your comments - just worked out that they were there -doh! Thanks most of all for being such a lovely applied arts fairy yourself, you are very kind.
    Have a cracking half term both of you and see you soon,
    L (:

  2. Your blanket is going to look amazing when you have finished! I can't wait to see it


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