Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Creative Space

Today feels a bit like a day to relax, so I have been working on crochet granny squares (I'm up to 87 now!), and adding pretty things to my book, which is where I collect together all the little lovely things that I find in magazines, for inspiration. I'm also enjoying taking some time to read "the Painted Veil" which I am enjoying very much, and my sweet friend Amy is keeping the film ready for me to watch when I'm done!

At uni, I've been working with wood and paper, and this is the result! The bangle is silver, and the little pink and yellow stripes are paper set between the layers of wood. I think it's really quite effective, and a lovely way to include colour! I'm pretty excited about this and have done lots of little sample pieces with all sorts of colours!

These lovely little stud earrings are the creation of my very clever jewellery tutor Kate, and I am loving them! I've been wearing mine since I got them on Tuesday and have also bought a pair for my mum's birthday! They're really very pretty, as is Kate's blog where she has all sorts of lovely things!

So, off to carry on with my lovely day of re-charging my batteries, and make a cup of tea! Check out kootoyoo for more lovely creative spaces!


  1. Interesting technique of fusing the paper between the wood elements. I hope you'll post more examples.

    I've considered earrings like those myself but in yellow gold. I think your Mum will love them

  2. Oh pretty book, I want to see more close ups. What a lovely day crocheting and finding lovely things. I'm very inspired and might do the same tomorrow! Hope you are having a lovely week. Letter on its way soon. :)
    Sophie x

  3. The bangle looks wonderful! & 87 grannies...I'm impressed.

  4. Your bracelet is amazing. I really love it :)

  5. Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on the bangle! I will be making some to put on etsy very soon so watch this space!x

  6. What a beautiful space! What's the book??

  7. Hi Lucy, it's just a big square sketchbook that I use to keep all the pretty things that I see together, it mostly has prints and patterns and beautiful interior spaces to inspire me!


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