Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Little Houses

My commission houses are done! "The Little House" range was from a uni brief earlier this year, and so far I've sold six brooches; two from the original batch and these were made to order. I particularly like the orange and yellow, because they're different colours to my original range.

I also made a silver ring today for my sister as a 'thank you' for doing a lovely job of modelling my wooden jewellery. I only have one more day of uni now, and then I'm done until September! We're having a picnic in the park tomorrow as an end of year celebration, and I've been asked by a fellow student to show her daughter how to knit so it sounds like a lovely last day! This afternoon is all about crochet squares and fabric covered buttons from now on!


  1. These houses are beautiful and are some of my favourite colours. Glad to hear they're selling, don't think you will have any problems there! Keep up the great work!

  2. This are fantastic! Very whimsical and great choice of colours.


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