Sunday, 17 May 2009

Jewellery Range!

Well here it is at last - my new range of jewellery! The narrative that I've been working on is seasides, partly inspired by some quotes from "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf... "Her hand cut a trail in the sea, as her mind made the green swirls and streaks into patterns and, numbed and shrouded, wandered in imagination in that underworld of waters where the pearls stuck in clusters to white sprays, where in the green light a change came over one’s entire mind and one’s body shone half transparent enveloped in a green cloak."
"She gazed at the immense expanse of the sea. The island had grown so small that it scarcely looked like a leaf any longer. It looked like the top of a rock which some wave bigger than the rest would cover."
"She listened, but it was all very still; there was only the sound of the sea"
I chose to use red inspired by the stripes of the lighthouse, and blue inspired by the blue and white stripes of beach huts, and the yellow and pink to remind me of pastel beach-front hotels. The pearls are kind of self-explanatory! I love the whimsical nature of the seaside, the almost cliched traditions and all the happy memories that I associate with days at the beach as a child.
Thanks to my sister who is a beautiful, willing and very co-operative model!
Some of these pieces (or similar) will be available on Etsy soon. I'll be getting my own little jewellery studio set up at home over the coming months, but for now I am happy to work in the safe and warm university workshops! I am ready for Tuesday's big assessment now, all my design sheets are done and all my work is carefully wrapped up and ready to go.
I'm off to make a celebratory cup of tea now, and possibly rock some granny squares! Which reminds me, my photograph of my 100 granny squares was featured on Flickr Explore! Thanks to Hinkle Hinkle for letting me know! I'm so excited!


  1. Hi just found your blog through Flickr, loving the wooden jewellry you've made, it's lovely.

    - Amy

  2. Hello! It's just the weirdest thing, I was looking for your job, I found it, got sidetracked, searched through the oswestry blogs and found my own blog from 2006 that I had completely forgoten about, how spooky. Check it out at FamilyHick@blogspot (Louisa's Pre-Owned Blog). Just started re-owning it. Love how the laminated wooden collection turned out - beautiful, my dear, beautiful. See you soon,
    Lovety love


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