Sunday, 3 May 2009

Highlights from our school trip!

Sophie Horton knitted tree

Rozanne Hawksley's lovely stash of sketchbooks

Lowri Davies

Virginia Graham - this may be the most perfect teapot ever!

Julie Arkell - her apron says "Pale flowers visit me"

My lovely 70 granny squares

Number 70!
Ok, slightly later than I planned, but yesterday was taken up with a lovely day of shopping with my fabulous mum and sister, with a spectacular vintage flowery throw as my purchase highlight!
So, Friday at Ruthin...was amazed to see the fantastic hot pink trees as soon as we got off the mini bus, and we were delighted to meet the lovely Sophie Horton! The other highlights were the beautiful teapots by Virginia Graham (blue and white striped with floral pattern) and Lowri Davies (sweet delicate sketches of birds and flowers), as well as the lovely pile of sketchbooks by Rozanne Hawksley which is an aspirational thing for me, I love how they're all the same, it creates a very striking aesthetic! As always, it was lovely to spend some time drinking in Julie Arkell's beautiful figures, they really are just perfection!
When I got home I completed my 70th crochet granny square! I am up to 74 in total now, having spent a teeny bit of time working on some today. I'm really pleased with my progress on this little project, and will hopefully end up with a lovely snuggly blanket to wrap up in on winters nights for years to come!
Today has been a lovely sunny garden day, we bought a lovely peony, as well as some culinary lavender which I look forward to mixing into shortbread! I've also finished my journal today, so I've started a new one. I like that feeling of choosing one from my stash, getting the excited feeling of starting a new book, it always feels like a new chapter. It's nice to keep a little note everyday, and now that I actually finish books that I start, it's nice to be accumulating completed journals, they look so pretty all sat together in a row!
Anyway, that's my lovely may day weekend so far, not sure what tomorrow holds just yet, but can't wait to see!

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