Sunday, 10 May 2009

100 crochet squares and lots of happy shopping!

Took myself out for a little shop yesterday, and this is a little selection of the highlights! I started out in Oswestry and then went onto Shrewsbury for the monthly craft market and the amazing charity shops. I particularly love the Red Cross shop, it is themed on the 1940s, and yesterday the staff were all dressed up! It was a good trip, I picked up lots of lovely pretty things for inspiration! The books are fantastic, lots of suggestions for very 70s colour combinations which is just fab!
I reached 100 crochet squares yesterday too! I am so pleased with how they all look together, and cannot wait to get it finished! This is the 100th square.
Today I am working hard on design sheets for uni, although we are going for a little trip to "Betty's cafe" later so I can have a little break. I am putting down some first ideas onto A2 paper so that I can look at everything all in one place. I have researched lots of artists that use paper as narrative, so I need to get it all organised into some kind of thought process!

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  1. Oh boy I love all these squares. I'm experiencing crochet envy...


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