Saturday, 30 May 2009

Shopping List Saturday

Inspired by today's sunshine, my Shopping list theme is yellow!

reversible golden yellow mini messenger with brooch by pouch
Golden Waterdrops 5x7 Blank Book by watermarkbindery

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Today we went on a little adventure to Ruthin Craft Centre, which is one of my most favourite places at the moment! Saw Sophie Horton's new installation which is fab. Bought a couple of lovely books and I got chatting with the nice man that works there, and he gave me an exhibition guide featuring Lowri Davies' early works because we both love her beautiful ceramics. I thought that was very kind!

This afternoon I finished my 130th granny square, I am so pleased! 30 to go now and then the task of putting them together!

The pic is a little blurry but it is getting difficult to photograph them all at once!! I'm so looking forward to getting wrapped up in this blanket on a cold wintery night - and hopefully it will be done by then!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

knitted owl cuteness!

Just a quick post because I'm all excited! I just made this;
Awww, little owl!! I got the pattern from Flutterby Patch which is very pretty and has lots of other patterns including a toadstool - eeek! What to do next!

My Creative Space

My Creative Space today is mostly just looking at all the lovely things I can do now I've finished uni for the year! I plan to cover lots of buttons, make some of the little houses from "Simple Stitchery" and of course carry on grannying! I also picked up some fleecy squares to use for detail on some plushies! It's fantastic to have all this time ahead of me to do all the things I love!
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Yesterday I went on a lovely picnic with my sweet friends from uni to celebrate the end of the year. We had lots of homemade treats and a knitting and crochet session! Luckily the weather was good, but I don't think it would have mattered anyway, we had such a lovely time!

This is Kim's first ever crochet square! I think it's fab, and I'm so pleased that I could share the granny square love!

Such a happy day! I'm off to a summer fete now, hope it doesn't rain....

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Little Houses

My commission houses are done! "The Little House" range was from a uni brief earlier this year, and so far I've sold six brooches; two from the original batch and these were made to order. I particularly like the orange and yellow, because they're different colours to my original range.

I also made a silver ring today for my sister as a 'thank you' for doing a lovely job of modelling my wooden jewellery. I only have one more day of uni now, and then I'm done until September! We're having a picnic in the park tomorrow as an end of year celebration, and I've been asked by a fellow student to show her daughter how to knit so it sounds like a lovely last day! This afternoon is all about crochet squares and fabric covered buttons from now on!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Day at the Beach!

Had a lovely trip to the seaside yesterday! We went to Llandudno, and it was just lovely. Got some super bargains, including a very pretty cream scarf, vintage ceramic pomanders, fabric covered coat-hangers, and self-cover buttons. I have already covered one button with red and white gingham but want to go through my stash to find the perfect fabrics to cover the rest! These are the pretty pastel seafront hotels, which I just love and am inspired by as a further development of my "Little House" jewellery range!

Our trip up to the Great Orme summit was a rained out a little bit, but I couldn't resist jumping out of the car for photographs of this lovely weathered door, which I always love to see and think is just beautiful. It's part of the St Tudno's churchyard, which in itself is a beautiful and inspiring place, it's 1400 years old and very serene.
And on our way back down the Orme, we saw this cheeky goat! Although he jumped down before we got close enough to get a pic, he was stood on top of the wall! This was the best shot we could get, but I think it's fab none-the-less. Definitely wins the prize for the most random sight of the day!
Big News: There are a pair of my wooden studs on Etsy now. They're not the same pair, but the same design is featured on my blog entry from May 17th. This is the first piece of the collection to go up for sale and I'm pretty excited!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Shopping List Saturday

My Shopping List Saturday this week is inspired by all the beautiful flowers that are all around as we get into summer

medium frame pouch - little white flowers on yellow by oktak

London Greenhouse Bag by Majkatree

4x5 wc sketchbook - Sensibility by spacedogstudios

Buckweat pillow, Collage From Handprinted Ribbon by LeiLiLoo

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

My Creative Space

I have taken a chance today to have a look at all my crochet squares. I'm up to 123 now, and have decided that I'm going to do an extra 20 on top of my original plan for 140 just to make it extra snuggly!

My assessment was pretty good, got some very helpful feedback, and some compliments (which are always quite welcome!) and feel happy with what I've made this year. Today has been all about getting the third year students all ready for their final show, painting plinths and walls and generally doing lots of little jobs! There's lots of inspiring work about to be put on display, it will be an interesting show.

So, off to relax with at least another couple of granny squares, and quite possibly a cup of tea! Check out kootoyoo for cheery and inspirational creative spaces!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Chocolate Yummyness!

This was what I got up to yesterday afternoon when all my work was done! Yummy chocolate crispy cakes!
I also made four crochet squares, I'm up to 116 now! I set up my work for assessment this morning, it all looks good, although I'm pretty nervous. Going to do a bit of final sketchbook fancying up and then I'm done for the night. I went to 'knit and natter' this evening, and I 'm glad I did, it definitely helped me to relax! Will be spending some quality grannying time tomorrow afternoon, and pushing on with "the Handmaid's Tale", a reward for getting assessment over, and something fab to look forward to!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Jewellery Range!

Well here it is at last - my new range of jewellery! The narrative that I've been working on is seasides, partly inspired by some quotes from "To the Lighthouse" by Virginia Woolf... "Her hand cut a trail in the sea, as her mind made the green swirls and streaks into patterns and, numbed and shrouded, wandered in imagination in that underworld of waters where the pearls stuck in clusters to white sprays, where in the green light a change came over one’s entire mind and one’s body shone half transparent enveloped in a green cloak."
"She gazed at the immense expanse of the sea. The island had grown so small that it scarcely looked like a leaf any longer. It looked like the top of a rock which some wave bigger than the rest would cover."
"She listened, but it was all very still; there was only the sound of the sea"
I chose to use red inspired by the stripes of the lighthouse, and blue inspired by the blue and white stripes of beach huts, and the yellow and pink to remind me of pastel beach-front hotels. The pearls are kind of self-explanatory! I love the whimsical nature of the seaside, the almost cliched traditions and all the happy memories that I associate with days at the beach as a child.
Thanks to my sister who is a beautiful, willing and very co-operative model!
Some of these pieces (or similar) will be available on Etsy soon. I'll be getting my own little jewellery studio set up at home over the coming months, but for now I am happy to work in the safe and warm university workshops! I am ready for Tuesday's big assessment now, all my design sheets are done and all my work is carefully wrapped up and ready to go.
I'm off to make a celebratory cup of tea now, and possibly rock some granny squares! Which reminds me, my photograph of my 100 granny squares was featured on Flickr Explore! Thanks to Hinkle Hinkle for letting me know! I'm so excited!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Shopping List Saturday

I've decided to join in the fun, and inspired by the seaside narrative that I am working on for uni, I have found some lovely red and white prettiness to reflect my new lighthouse obsession!

The Little Red Riding Hood - Brooch by Krize

Desire and romance bobby pins. From The Recycled Garden Collection. by NewFashionedWhispers

Red and White Gingham Ring by tizzalicious

Little Red Agaric Mushroom by LittleSparrowNest

Red and White Lighthouse Porcelain Pin by LindaCain

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Thursday, 14 May 2009

My Creative Space

Today has been a busy 'proper work' day! Been working hard on my Narrative project, which is where all this lovely wood experimentation fits in. Today I made studs and a necklace, but had a little time to mess around with crochet while I was showing my mum how to make knitted hearts this afternoon. This is what my workspace looks like this evening, as usual, spread all over my living room floor.

These pieces are for Tuesday's summative assessment, my second year has just gone so fast, I can't believe I'm preparing for summative again! Looking forward to my lovely long summer break, can't wait for long days of reading and crochet
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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Bronze Casting trip!

Just wanted to post this very funny picture, taken by my friend Ruth at the Castle Foundry on Tuesday, where we went to learn about bronze casting. It was a very interesting day out! Check out my gorgeous "I heart to K1 P1" brooch by Sophie Isobel!

100 crochet squares and lots of happy shopping!

Took myself out for a little shop yesterday, and this is a little selection of the highlights! I started out in Oswestry and then went onto Shrewsbury for the monthly craft market and the amazing charity shops. I particularly love the Red Cross shop, it is themed on the 1940s, and yesterday the staff were all dressed up! It was a good trip, I picked up lots of lovely pretty things for inspiration! The books are fantastic, lots of suggestions for very 70s colour combinations which is just fab!
I reached 100 crochet squares yesterday too! I am so pleased with how they all look together, and cannot wait to get it finished! This is the 100th square.
Today I am working hard on design sheets for uni, although we are going for a little trip to "Betty's cafe" later so I can have a little break. I am putting down some first ideas onto A2 paper so that I can look at everything all in one place. I have researched lots of artists that use paper as narrative, so I need to get it all organised into some kind of thought process!

Friday, 8 May 2009

My busy day!

Well, what a lovely day it's been! First of all, many thanks to lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mike's for featuring my crochet granny square in her blog today! It's made my day! And what a day it's been - spent this morning working on wood and paper for a range of bracelets, and this is a sneaky preview of the work so far...

and there's a bunch in the process of being made too! This afternoon I had a meeting pitching designs for the university mace along with a tutor and six other students, to the Chancellor of our university Lord Barry's not everyday I get to drink tea with a Lord!!

Yesterday I made nine crochet squares (a new personal best for one day) so I am up to 96 in total now, I will of course be posting pics when I hit 100!! What a lovely relaxing day I had yesterday: crocheting, reading and watching "Kirstie's Homemade Home" and "Frasier"!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Creative Space

Today feels a bit like a day to relax, so I have been working on crochet granny squares (I'm up to 87 now!), and adding pretty things to my book, which is where I collect together all the little lovely things that I find in magazines, for inspiration. I'm also enjoying taking some time to read "the Painted Veil" which I am enjoying very much, and my sweet friend Amy is keeping the film ready for me to watch when I'm done!

At uni, I've been working with wood and paper, and this is the result! The bangle is silver, and the little pink and yellow stripes are paper set between the layers of wood. I think it's really quite effective, and a lovely way to include colour! I'm pretty excited about this and have done lots of little sample pieces with all sorts of colours!

These lovely little stud earrings are the creation of my very clever jewellery tutor Kate, and I am loving them! I've been wearing mine since I got them on Tuesday and have also bought a pair for my mum's birthday! They're really very pretty, as is Kate's blog where she has all sorts of lovely things!

So, off to carry on with my lovely day of re-charging my batteries, and make a cup of tea! Check out kootoyoo for more lovely creative spaces!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Highlights from our school trip!

Sophie Horton knitted tree

Rozanne Hawksley's lovely stash of sketchbooks

Lowri Davies

Virginia Graham - this may be the most perfect teapot ever!

Julie Arkell - her apron says "Pale flowers visit me"

My lovely 70 granny squares

Number 70!
Ok, slightly later than I planned, but yesterday was taken up with a lovely day of shopping with my fabulous mum and sister, with a spectacular vintage flowery throw as my purchase highlight!
So, Friday at Ruthin...was amazed to see the fantastic hot pink trees as soon as we got off the mini bus, and we were delighted to meet the lovely Sophie Horton! The other highlights were the beautiful teapots by Virginia Graham (blue and white striped with floral pattern) and Lowri Davies (sweet delicate sketches of birds and flowers), as well as the lovely pile of sketchbooks by Rozanne Hawksley which is an aspirational thing for me, I love how they're all the same, it creates a very striking aesthetic! As always, it was lovely to spend some time drinking in Julie Arkell's beautiful figures, they really are just perfection!
When I got home I completed my 70th crochet granny square! I am up to 74 in total now, having spent a teeny bit of time working on some today. I'm really pleased with my progress on this little project, and will hopefully end up with a lovely snuggly blanket to wrap up in on winters nights for years to come!
Today has been a lovely sunny garden day, we bought a lovely peony, as well as some culinary lavender which I look forward to mixing into shortbread! I've also finished my journal today, so I've started a new one. I like that feeling of choosing one from my stash, getting the excited feeling of starting a new book, it always feels like a new chapter. It's nice to keep a little note everyday, and now that I actually finish books that I start, it's nice to be accumulating completed journals, they look so pretty all sat together in a row!
Anyway, that's my lovely may day weekend so far, not sure what tomorrow holds just yet, but can't wait to see!