Thursday, 30 April 2009

London and Summer musings

The White Rabbit by Soop
Ahhh, Tiffany's!

Well, finally getting around to posting London pictures! We had a great time and saw lots of fantastic things, was particularly excited to see Tiffany's! We went to the Electrum gallery which was really lovely, but I think I was already aware of the best things that were there, which I think is a good sign. Enjoyed getting a good look at the Elgin Marbles, and the Easter Island statue is always a favourite. Bought a new Soop ring, the White Rabbit this time, it's becoming a bit of a ritual now! They are available on etsy and are just fab!
So, since I've been back I've finished "Pride and Prejudice", and read "the Curious Case of Benjamin Button", which is tragic but has such lovely words, which I am especially appreciating at the moment, because I am doing a brief on Narrative at uni. I've been working with wood and paper this week, I love trying new things and am taking the opportunity while I still have time! I have five weeks left of my second year which is a fairly scary prospect! I am working from home today, just to get some ideas down so I know where to go next. The good news is that my dissertation proposal seemed to go well yesterday!
I am up to 67 crochet squares now, will post pics when I hit 70 which is the all important half way point! I'm taking so much pleasure lately from making things, and reading, and watching my garden grow, I look forward to the lovely long fact I made a list last night of all the things I'm looking forward to:
Blackberry Picking
Walking down the South Bank to Tate Modern
Going to the Lighthouse every Wednesday for foreign films and cups of tea
Reading lots of lovely books
Free time to knit and crochet and write letters in the garden
Wearing big sunglasses
Wrapping up in a cardigan in the evenings
Charity shopping in Llandudno
Although on a rainy day like today that all seems a long way away!
Anyway, going to make a cup of tea (Lady Grey of course) and then on with the work!

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