Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ready for Assessment!

Well, tomorrow is my big assessment. My 'to do' list is all checked off for the first time this semester, and I think I'm as ready as I'll ever be. I'm exhausted and my whole body feels like it's about to give up (alongside a wisdom tooth infection which chose the best time to arrive), and although I know I'll feel better this time tomorrow, I feel completely bedraggled right now. On a positive note though, my brooches look pretty good, and I finally feel like my work reflects who I am, with fabric and stitching galore. So here's a sneaky preview of what I've been up to...

This is a copper test piece, just an example of what I plan to do in silver. It's evolved a bit since this piece, but the idea is there! So now that I'm ready, I'm going to enjoy Morrissey on MTV2 for a bit before bed!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Fab Shopping Haul!

Two posts in one day! Today has been fab, very chilled out despite near constant wisdom tooth acheys. Shopping trip was very successful, here are the highlights...

Patchwork bag, front and backUgly guy from Thundercats!

and my latest shell creature...Jasper the Owl! I now have Jasper and Jeremy the dog, I think there's a new collection animals with names beginning with 'J'! Thanks to Amy for the name, inspired by Jasper Cullen of the Twilight saga! Also got new wool, pins, thread, fabric, and 2 vintage necklaces! What a fab shopping trip!

Shopping List Saturday

This week; Fingerless Gloves! This list is inspired by knitting, plans for knitting groups, and my own fingerless gloves, which I have finished, and have worn, and shown everyone, and had everyone try on! There will be a pic soon, but we are currently at the stage where I leave the house in the dark and get home in the dark!
So onto the list...

Petrol and Confetti Mustard Two-toned Fingerless Mittens with Vintage Button by CoquelicotSalon

For more lovely shopping lists head on over to fancypicnic!

Today I am planning a fairly relaxed day, with some breakfast with hubby, charity and fabric shopping and some uni work which currently involves stitch samples, researching and pincushions and some self cover buttons! A lovely day to come indeed!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

My Creative Space

Had a very busy day at uni today, been making some samples for my assessment next week, and here's my little space to prove it! I've had the workshop more-or-less to myself today, and it's been extremely productive!

Now I am off to finish my gorgeous new fingerless gloves! Woohoo!

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

A Very Busy Week!

What a week it's been! The big auction went well, and everyone seemed happy and festive, which is just lovely! There were fairy lights, and mulled wine, and mince pies and we were right by the big Christmas tree so our little quick sale table was very jolly, plus the company which was perfect (thank you Whirlwind Amy). I spent Friday at home carefully preparing stock and presentation for my big (first ever) craft stall. The stall was yesterday and was a fantastic experience. The weather wasn't so good, and the court yard was more than a little nippy, but I met some lovely, very talented folks, and saw some beautiful things.

Here I am at the beginning of the day, my pretty stall all laid out. I had polka dot and floral bunting decorating the front and my sweet green chair with it's crochet granny blanket on the back. Many thanks to my lovely husband and my (newly blue-haired) sister, who stayed all day and have customer service skills beyond what I could have wished for!
So today is about relaxing (and recovering) and I am going to make some of my ideas for my uni work out of cardboard so I can see how they work before making them in metal. We are also going to put up our Christmas tree, and visit my most avid blog follower, my lovely mother-in-law, in hospital, hopefully they might be letting her go home today which would be fab!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

The Big Auction!

It's been a hectic week, but tomorrow we see the result of some of our hard work; the Applied Arts Christmas Auction!
We're hoping it will be a huge success, as all the proceeds go to our trip to London next July for New Designers! I'm still in full on making mode, with scarves and fabric wraps on today's agenda!

Thursday, 26 November 2009

My Creative Space

I've been a busy little bee lately, making lots of pretty and colourful things for my stall at Flair Fair, which is in just over a week now!

scarvesButton Monsters in the making and complete - all ready for mayhem!and some highlights from my trial run laying out the stock on a huge piece of paper which is the size of the stall - (top) various flowers, necklaces, monster and bangles, (bottom) felt brooches, silver bangles and house brooches.

I have been making some more pretty silver bracelets today, and I'm getting another go at the laser cutter on Tuesday which will hopefully be productive. I've been a little stressed out getting ready for Flair and trying to balance it with uni work. It's going to be a fantastic experience, and I think once it's all done I will be very proud, right at this moment though I'm pretty much tired out! This evening I am relaxing in my pjs with series one of "Big Bang Theory" which I think I more than deserve!

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Sunday, 15 November 2009

An Exciting Weekend!

I have had a very exciting weekend! On Friday I came home to this;

How fab! I will be attending Flair in Wolverhampton!

My very first craft fair! It will be on December 5th at the Lighthouse in Wolverhampton, and I can't wait!
And, an weekend of firsts -it's official - I have my very first London Stockist! It's so exciting, I've been in contact with Lauren for a little while now, and yesterday I met up with her and took some stock for her lovely shop! Lauren's shop is in the OXO tower on the South Bank, and it's a fabulous colourful little nook!It's absolutely lovely, and I'm so thrilled that my work will be a part of it!
Our London trip was amazing, we arrived at 10am, had a lovely cup of tea in the National Gallery, and saw the Sunflowers which is my most favourite! Then we mooched on down to Dazzle jewellery exhibition. There was lots of exquisite things, some that I was aware of and some new, but all very inspirational! Then we went to see Lauren, and then on to Tate Modern. We had a cup of (extremely sugary) tea in the British Film Institute, nearly got blown into the Thames walking back over the bridge (it was REALLY windy!) and had a quick stop in the Institute of Contemporary art. We walked back up to Covent Garden, had a look in the shops, had a good look around the African section of the British museum, and walked back to the car via Edward and Todd, the pop boutique, ArtBox, and Forbidden Planet! A huge jam-packed day! My purchases included:
Mr Fox Soop ring (number 6!)
and a Hannah Waldron owl mask finger puppet brooch - gorgeous! Also picked up two notebooks, three art books, and a little fabric pouch! We had a really lovely day, and we're looking forward to our big trip after Christmas!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space this week is a bit of a weird and wacky mish-mash of all sorts of things...

I'm in full blown making craziness in the run up to the festive season, with a new stockist, an exhibition, an auction and (hopefully) a stall at a huge craft fair. Today I've been doing some boring paperworky stuff, which seems to be a necessary evil at this point, but I've also been making some bangles, and have had a new idea for a line of earrings...

Freshly de-moulded bangles, they need to be sanded and polished, but that is a job for tomorrow at uni
And some big blank pieces which I plan to mess around with tomorrow

and this is my selection of samples that are coloured with herbs and spices, and whilst paprika (top left) was icky, Turmeric (the bright yellow ones) was a triumph!

At uni this week I have been making copper samples of a design that I've been working on, here's a sneaky preview....

And just for good measure and to prove that I am not as organised as I sound, the bangle that's in four pieces...

I am proud to say that I am still managing to find a little time to knit my scarf (having found the illusive fifth ball of wool that I needed after an unfortunate selling-out incident!), and am totally engrossed in the "Twilight" Saga, I'm up to "Eclipse" now, and enjoying it thoroughly! I've taken some advice off a wonderful friend, that part of my work is to look after myself, and I'm finding that making a little time to do things just because I want, to is doing me good. I doubt I'll feel that way in a couple of weeks when all the panic sets in at once...

I am having a little sale in my etsy shop at the mo, I will be listing some new goodies very soon!

So that's me for today, my to do list is getting longer as it gets shorter as usual, but I only have five things left to do for today... until I think of more! Head on over to kootoyoo for more creative loveliness!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fantastic haul!

Had a good shop with my sister yesterday, got some fab goodies!

8 pairs of vintage knitting needles

A Bakelite wool dispenser for knitting2 vintage floral plates 2 lots of floral fabric

and two fantastic albums, one of photographs and another of teeny postcards from all around the world. Both are from the 1920s/1930s, and they're beautiful!

These are from Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare's house, and Ann Hathaway's house.

This is my favourite photograph, it's just lovely.

We had a fantastic time at the open night of a new exhibition at First Edition, there was some really lovely work there. Today is all about uni work, have a load of inspiration at the moment!

Monday, 2 November 2009

More Makings and the Tale of Squished Fingers!

This is the second little creature I made today, she doesn't have a name yet...she's been too sleepy to tell me!

The little blue bit on her chest is a heart (it's not awfully clear from the pic!), I love her stripey ears!

Been to Knit and Natter tonight, and I'm pleased to report that my scarf is definitely getting longer! I've used two and a half balls so far and it looks pretty good! I'm also pleased to report that after a silly car door mishap, my fingers are much better! I squished three fingers on my right hand on Saturday night after my sister's birthday shindig (I must be clear that I was utterly sober at the time, which makes it all the worse!), and so yesterday was entirely crafty-making free and I just about managed to finish the bit of my dissertation that I was working on. So pretty glad that they've stopped throbbing now, I'm sure the yummy cherry cake that hubby bought for me helped....


Had to stay home today, had a bit of a housey mishap, kitchen a bit flooded etc. Nothing serious, just a dodgy seal on the shower. I stayed home to keep an eye on everything so I've been making...
This is just a little prototype kind of thing. Her name is Wanda!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Pretty Inspiration

I've had a very busy work day today, been working on my dissertation and sketchbook, and been putting some gorgeous Victorian illustrations of flowers into my research.
These are from a lovely book I found in a charity shop, it's full of beautiful illustrations!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

My Creative Space

I'm taking it easy on the creative front today, just been stitching some of my laminated rose pattern, I've cut it up into thin sections to make it more abstract. I'm also making a scarf, how unusual for me to be doing something for myself! Also, my increasing collection of vintage knitting needles, got three pairs yesterday, the two turquoise and the yellow, the pink were a pressie from my lovely hubby when we went to London earlier this year!
Head on over to kootoyoo for more creative space mayhem!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Had a mad busy few days! Had a lovely weekend, we went to Manchester for the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, which was really inspiring! Then after some hardcore shopping we went to see Passion Pit supported by Max Tundra and The Joy Formidable who are my most favourite band of the moment!

On Sunday we went to Wolverhampton to see the Editors...not so keen, but Paul enjoyed it! On Monday we had a mad drive to get some jesmonite, which is a resin, to make bracelets, and then onto a charity shop hunt, where I got wool, fabric, a mitten and glove knitting book, a teeny purse for my sewing stuff, and some vintage buttons, and hook and eye fasteners. It was fab! Then I went to Knit and Natter with all my lovely friends and started a new scarf. Yesterday was a bit of a mish-mash day, I got a desk for my workshop, so I spent some time getting organised.

I did a bunch of work in the evening, contacted some more potential stockists, and suppliers of materials and equipment, it's all getting very serious now! Today we went to meet my lovely friend Ruth, and I got 3 pairs of fantastic coloured vintage knitting needles and a needlecraft book. This afternoon I did some jesmonite samples with different herbs and spices, some more successful than others! Tonight we're having a lovely winter veg stew, and I'm going to carry on with my scarf! Good times!